Time to “Get Your Career On”!

Aie Serve Supports A Pioneer Career Guidance Team For More People To Achieve Their Dreams!


Finding a job is never an easy thing to do especially when you are a fresh graduate with no experience or even worse when you have experience but cannot seem to find that next job you aspire to.

Jade Saab; a young HR professional witnessed these difficulties and decided that something should be done to guide the youth through their career paths.

Jade practicing with his team for their career guidance workshops.

That’s how the idea for “Get Your Career On” came up!

“Working in HR, I kept on interviewing and coming across people who I knew had great potential as employees but simply didn’t cut it during the interview or didn’t even get to that stage due to a badly written CV,” said Jade.

Jade also explains that he and his initiation friend have seen a number of their other friends go through a lot of trouble to find a job. According to them, universities fail to provide students with the needed skills to find apply and successfully get a job.

They believed that they can make a change! Their mission was to tackle those required skills and eventually reduce all this career related frustration. Once they had a target ahead of them, no one could stop them! They first put together a team of four young HR employees who could relate to the problems of Lebanese job seekers and at the same time understand the needs of employers. The next step was the actual implementation of their dream, and that’s when the Aie Power program came in handy!

Jade is no stranger to Aie Serve. In fact, he was a member and the Volunteers’ Development Officer long before the launching of the Aie Power program. According to him, he was tracking down the time when the applications for this program would start to be the first to apply!

“I knew about the Aie Power project before its launch and was following its development closely,” reported Jade.

“Get Your Career On” team sure got accepted onto the program and directly went into two training sessions on project management and active citizenship at Aie Serve. This helped them obtain a better vision of what they will be doing and how it should be done. As Jade puts it “ .. the trainings helped us better define our objectives and set an action plan to transform our idea into a reality”.

Afterwards, Aie Serve further helped them refine their idea, define tasks and divide responsibilities, making sure that they were always on track of the initial work plan.

Finally, “Get your Career On” were ready to become the next leaders for career guidance by creating interactive content for six full-day workshops. The workshops would cover the 4 main issues fresh graduates looking for a job would face which are, CV writing, Understanding the Job Market, Finding a Job and Owning the interview. The workshops will take place on August 11, 18, and 25 and September 1, 8 and 15 in Aie Serve’s office.

Jade believes that these workshops will be of great use to everyone who might attend within the ages 18 – 30 years old, especially fresh graduates. To give us a sneak idea about how the content was created, Jade said:

“We made sure that the material was relevant. Our volunteers who are fresh graduates were greatly involved in defining what needs to be covered and actually advised us on whether what we were saying made sense and wasn’t just a bunch of HR technicalities.”

Aie Serve is indeed proud to be supporting this initiative dedicated for such a useful cause. When we asked Jade whether Aie Serve was supportive enough to complete their mission, this is what he said;

“Aie Serve has been a great partner in making this a reality. We plan on using this boost to make sure that we continue providing workshops and guidance to help youth take their first step into the working world.”

Get your Career On is sure one brilliant team as they are all passionate about helping young Lebanese men and women in targeting their dream jobs in a proper and professional way. It is a dream made to help people achieve their dreams!

“Get Your Career On” team with the attendees of their first workshop!

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  1. Reem Bou Shaheen

    Amazing Workshop! thank you all for your time and efforts.

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