Waste is not Waste if it is handled well!!

We are living in a time where wastes are seriously affecting us and our environment. These wastes which originate from factories and companies form the greater part of the total waste polluting our world.

This huge problem inspired a group of 3 young Lebanese ladies and eventually brought them to create a project named: E4waste. E4waste is an eco-friendly, economical, ecological, and electronic based system to manage waste. The aim of the project is to create a communication platform that links between all stakeholders in order for them to properly manage the waste produced.

Discussing the little details.

So how did E4waste reach Aie Serve?

Well one of the co-founders of E4waste knew about Aie Serve’s Aie Power program and informed the other members about this exciting opportunity. After applying, the project was quickly accepted and the team got a green light to kick-start their environmental work.

Under Aie Power’s supervision, E4waste managed to grab the attention of other concerned Lebanese youth who volunteered to help and be part of e4waste all in hopes of managing and solving our escalating waste problem!

After acknowledging the basics of project management, Aie Serve made sure that the team was tightly bonded and fully functional despite having to face some last minute drop out. Aie Serve made sure the team was still strong and not affected.

In addition to all that Aie Serve also secured the seed funding for e4waste to start their journey. With a few more coaching sessions on networking, chain management, and setting cost/fund requirements E4waste will be another successful project guided on the Aie Serve rails.

Working on the website (communication platform)

Lara stated during an interview: “With Aie Serve’s experience in starting an NGO, managing multiple contacts, and setting up a management system, our project will sure become a successful and sustainable project and subsequentlyan NGO that provides a solid communication platform for the proper management of waste.”

So what is the future of E4waste now? E4waste’s main future targets are to get the website running, hopefully in 60 working days , and later run this communication platform. Ofcourse, youth will play a significant role in advertising for the website and promoting it in all institutions for a better more environmentally-friendly  world.

At the end, E4waste thanks Aie Serve for this initiative and for providing the stepping stones for an idea which was soon  transformed into a project.

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  1. Great article! best of luck e4waste

  2. Good luck with your project!!

  3. Good luck e4waste. Thank you Ziad for the article

    • Dear Akorio,

      Glad to receive your message. What the article is trying to say is that waste would no longer be considered waste if it is handled properly, recycled, reused and the like. The article is shedding light on one of the projects that Aie Serve incubated under its Aie Power program called “e4Waste” which now has grown and heading to be established as an NGO or a social enterprise.

      I invite you to check their website (under construction at the moment) e4waste.org and to follow their Facebook page at (Facebook.com/e4waste)

      Let us know if you need any further details,


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