New Academic Year, New Aie Club Spirit

As the academic year kicks off, Aie Serve re-launches the growing Aie Clubs Program at both existing and new universities.

CIM Training: During September, AUB Aie Club and NDU Zouk Aie Club attended the Club Initiation & Management (CIM) full day training to coach the cabinet members on how to effectively run their clubs. Topics included project planning, communication skills, team management, meeting preparation and execution, and team delegation.

University Aie Clubs: Recruitment days, which happen in the beginning of every year/semester, were very successful this year as well. The below clubs managed to reach out for more youth thus enlarge their dedicated families, and are now ready to implement interesting yet productive agendas.

  • AUB Aie Club
  • BAU Debiyi Club
  • BAU Beirut Club

City Aie Clubs: On the 8th of September, capacity building sessions were organised for youth on different topics:

  • Saida Aie Club: “Decision Making” by the trainer Tarek Yunis
  • Beirut Aie Club: “Pump your College Experience” by the trainer Abbas Sibai

For photos, kindly check the below links:

AUB CIM Training & Recruitment Day:

Saida Aie Club Decision Making training:

Beirut Aie Club Pump your college experience training:

BAU Dibbeyi Recruitment Day:

BAU Beirut Recruitment Day:

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