We are hiring

It is our pleasure to announce the initiation of a new pillar under Aie Serve “Aie Exchange Program”.

We are in search of a committed volunteer that would be interested in the ‘Exchange Coordinator’ role. The program offers wide liaison opportunities between Lebanon and other countries (Middle East and Europe), through a number of partnerships and various networks. Our aim is to develop this program and reach out to as many networks and partnerships as possible in order to grant Lebanese youth the chance to get exposed to different cultures and developmental journeys, on both personal and professional levels.

Please find further details below:
Job Title: Exchange Coordinator
Application Deadline: Monday 25-01-2016
Age: 20 and above
Languages Skills: X Arabic X English X French (is a plus)
Computer Skills: Microsoft Office, Research…
Job description:
Develop a program strategy/ plan with the support of board members
Communicate with partners and reach out to more possible partnerships
Forward opportunities to Aie Serve members and volunteers
Represent Aie Serve in exchange conferences and training
Salary: This is a volunteer base job
Working Hours: 5-8 hours per week

If you are interested, kindly contact us.

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  1. Dear Ali, hope you are doing well.I was waiting for this vacancy long time ago,consider me in.Moreover, i dont think we have met before since Omar Darghouth is the only member i know there we need to schedule a very soon meeting at the office or so, to know you better , and to discuss the Aie Exchange Program together.You can also contact me on my mobile number :70009824 Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 20:55:11 +0000 To: mk700@live.com

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