What is Aie Serve?

Aie Serve is a non-profit, non-political, non-partisan, non-religious and non-governmental organization that works on youth empowerment via training, consulting and coaching. Aie Serve is based in Lebanon and targets the Lebanese community.

What does “Aie” mean?

Aie is a Japanese word meaning Love and is pronounced “I”. Thus our name means “I Serve…” and “Love to Serve”.

Who are the founders of Aie Serve?

The founders were a group of university students and graduates from various universities, majors, backgrounds, ethnicities, citizenships, religions who were united by their love to serve the community.

What is Aie Serve’s Motto?

Respect, Acceptance & Love.

What does the Motto mean?

Respecting others’ point of views and beliefs no matter what. Accepting differences and considering them the seeds of diversity. Loving others for who they are, and not which political background or sect they are from as we all share common basic needs.

Who’s your target group or beneficiaries?

Aie Serve’s is a youth empowerment NGO and thus targets youth aged between 18-30 anywhere in Lebanon.

What are you currently working on?

  • Aie Power – Platform for Youth to Transfer Project Ideas into Reality
  • Aie Clubs – Network of Youth Lead Clubs in Universities and Local Areas  that do Community Development, Service and Awareness Activities
  • Aie Consult – Incubator for Youth Lead NGOs and a Soft Skills Training Program
  • Aie Skills – Training Program to Empower Youth with Soft, Life and Managerial skills

How many members are in Aie Serve?

We have around 30 registered members, 8 Advisory Board members, and a list of more than 800 volunteers and supporters. On a monthly basis we have around 7~10 new applicants who go through our Mentorship Period to eventually become registered members.

Who manages and runs Aie Serve?

Aie Serve is managed and run by volunteers who fill all the positions from Officers to Program and Project Coordinators to Board Members and Advisors. Alternatively, whenever needed and financially feasible, Aie Serve assigns part-time staff to do work that cannot be done by its volunteers for a certain period of time.

Where is your office?

Our office is in Tabbara Center, 4th floor in Zareef Area near Sanayeh Garden in Beirut. Check the Google Map.

How are you funded?

We put a lot of time and effort to ensure diversified sources of funding that ensure our sustainability and independence from any political/religious agenda whether locally or internationally. In this context we use the following combination of funding sources:

  • Membership Fees
  • Individual Donors
  • Corporate CSR Partnerships & Sponsorships
  • Fundraising Events & Activities
  • Grants & Awards
  • Fee-based Services

Do you have any partners locally or internationally?

Part of the core strategy in Aie Serve is to avoid re-inventing the wheel and so majority of our work is based on partnerships with individuals, organizations and institutions to leave the biggest impact in our society without having to duplicate any work. In this context we’ve created a network of partnerships and collaborations with local, regional and international organizations.

Our network of contacts extend from local partners in Lebanon to partners in the Arab world, Europe, India, US and others. You can see some of our partners in the following link: Aie Serve Partners. If you’re interested to partner with us then drop us an email at info.aieserve.org

How can I join Aie Serve?

If you’re between 18-30 and live in Lebanon then you can simply go to our Join Us Page and fill in the form. We’ll automatically receive your contact information and we’ll call you for a volunteers introductory meeting in a maximum of 2 weeks and from there on you’ll get to know the process and details of becoming a member.

How can I sponsor or support Aie Serve?

If you’re interested to invest in supporting Aie Serve empower youth via its programs or other initiatives then you can simply email us at info@aieserve.org and explain to us what you have in mind, we’ll get back to you in 48 hours.

How can I stay up to date with what Aie Serve is doing?

There are many ways to stay up to date with us, here’s how:

  • Join our Facebook Page
  • Follow us on Twitter @AieServe
  • Email us to add you to our mailing list: info@aieserve.org  (Put “Add Me to Friends List” as the email subject”)

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