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Aie Serve is Recruiting!
So if you want to help empower youth in Lebanon, eager to develop your society and community, like the idea of learning new skills and have personal growth while being a member of a growing network of young achievers, then now is your chance to join the Aie Serve family!
Over the past 10 years, the family of volunteers in Aie Serve provided the youth in Lebanon opportunities to learn new skills, attend training and workshops, lead projects, become trainers, travel on exchange programs and much more. So this is your chance take part of the action.
Here are some benefits of being a volunteer in Aie Serve:
1. Develop your skills.
2. Build a wide network.
3. Gain work experience.
4. Become a community leader.
5. Join a network of dreamers and achievers.
6. Multiply your potential for better job opportunities.

Once you fill the following form, your contacts will be logged in our system. In less than a month, one of the Aie Servian’s will contact you to invite you to an introductory meeting where you get to meet the team as well as the other new recruits. We usually do one introductory meeting per month, so if you missed the meeting this month, you can always join the next meeting!

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