Our Programs

Aie Clubs

A network of Aie Serve Clubs in universities, schools and local communities. The clubs are a projection of Aie Serve’s vision, mission, philosophy, and way of work. Aie Serve empowers the youth in those clubs to become positive agents of change for the improvement of their communities. The clubs’ cabinets and active members are trained by Aie Serve and other professional trainers to give them the needed tools and enhance their skills to practice professional voluntarism. The network of clubs allows its members to share experiences, lessons learned & ideas. Read More >>

Aie Consult

A consultancy and training program. On one side, it provides consultancy for youth lead NGOs and on the other, it provides soft skills trainings for youth. The consultancy aims to empower the NGOs at all organizational, managerial, legal, and financial levels. It focuses on ongoing support, customized solutions and workshops to ensure the beneficiary NGOs excel at their work. Whereas the soft skills trainings focus on a wide range of topics that empowers youth to become professional volunteers with strong leadership skills. Read More >>


Aie Skills

Aie Skills is the arm of training in Aie Serve. It’s all about providing the youth with the needed soft skills, thus following Aie Serve’s mission in youth empowerment with the tools they need to develop themselves at first and their society afterwards. Aie Skills Program has more than 20 certified youth trainers who went through intensive trainings and workshops under the “Training of Trainers” project for over 3 months. These trainers have the expertise and the know how in delivering their trainings. Read More>>


Aie Power

A program that acts as a projects incubator to motivate youth to develop their ideas, that are based on Aie Serve’s vision, mission and goals,  into viable projects. It empowers those youth by allowing them to work on their initiatives and developing their capacities and skills. It includes a series of project management trainings, coaching sessions and funding for those projects to succeed. Read More >>

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