Aie Clubs

What is the Aie Clubs program?
Aie Clubs program aims at spreading the notions of respect, acceptance and love through empowering youth to become positive agents of change in their small communities. Groups of youth gather to implement the projects of their choice, as long as they follow our three values of Respect, Acceptance & Love.

What’s in it for YOU?
Our current 200 + beneficiaries of Aie Clubs currently enjoy free training opportunities, build experience in organizational, project, and team management, and better yet, they get to enjoy all of Aie Serve’s facilities, network, and resources. Not only that, but you will also benefit from being an organized entity, whose work’s quality is guaranteed under Aie Serve’s standards, rather than one single person or a group of people with no support for your great ideas.

How to start an Aie Club?
Start by filling the Aie Clubs Application Form and we will contact you in a maximum of three working days.

How does an Aie Club function?
The clubs’ starters are first of all trained by Aie Serve and other professional trainers to give them the needed tools and skills to better serve their community. Then, a person is assigned as a liaison to follow up with the club and communicate their needs, ideas, and concerns back to Aie Serve. From then on, the sky is the limit in the projects that you can think of and conduct.

What does, and what doesn’t an Aie Club do?
The clubs have total freedom in choosing their activities, which can fall under any of the three types: community development, community awareness and community service. On the other hand, we recognize that politics and religion are a part of our daily lives, but partisan projects, ideas, and campaigns are better discussed outside of an Aie Club.

Who are the Aie Clubs members?
An Aie Club is made up of university students on the same campus, neighbors residing in the same area, and any group of different people with the same interests.

Then what?
Every year, a national convention of Aie Clubs takes place to present what each club did throughout the year, to share lessons and experience, and most importantly, to get together and have fun.

Current Aie Clubs:

Community Based:

University Based:

For more detailed information download the following brief presentation Aie Clubs Intro Presentation.

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