2014 Winners

I Represent

To reach an attainable change in the society by involving youth in fighting corruption through effective means supported by the Lebanese constitution and thus creating a sense of ownership and responsibility.

They are looking into creating new and effective methods for the Lebanese society which would lead into decreasing the amount of corruption in the public sector. One of their goals is to reactivate a position in the government which is the ombudsmen office that was forgotten years ago which people are no longer aware of its existence. This office offers them a legal, free and easy route which allows them to submit their complaints or problems they are facing at any governmental office.

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Science for Fun

To engage students of underprivileged public schools in science, through the organization of a fun scientific event. Such an experience would help in developing critical thinking skills, improving confidence, team work and building positive attitude towards higher education and especially the use of scientific methods.

Science for Fun team is driven by their enthusiasm towards science, they are aiming through their knowledge and expertise in that domain to create scientific games as a competition for children that would increase their interest in science and to help them see the way simple methods and techniques we learn through science are applied in our everyday lives.

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To serve individuals in their academic and practical life through an educational platform that gives courses using the Arabic language. A diverse selection of courses are provided with a high quality.

This highly competent team, with great technical skills in web/application development and shooting high quality courses, has a one of a kind initiative in the Arab Mena region where they aim to build a platform for courses offered in Arabic at a high quality and with graphical interactions as well the ability for the audience to contact the trainer and have a private lesson or further explanation about the course they watched.

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