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Aie Skill 2.0 – Relaunching Public Workshops

As 2018 unfolds, we are proud to relaunch our Public Workshops to further empower youth in Lebanon with the needed skills and knowledge to succeed in their lives. Accordingly, we’re aligning our training topics with the 10 skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution (a term coined by the World Economic Forum) as well as on employ-ability and entrepreneurship skills. All of those feed into our overall work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically goals 4 (Quality Education) and 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth).

To top it all, we’re taking our workshops to whole new level as we are hosting our public workshops at the AUB’s Continuing Education Center, a forerunner in continuing education and professional development in Lebanon and the region.

Our workshops will take place every second Thursday (ie twice a month) from 5:30pm till 7:30pm at AUB CEC and will include a 90 minutes training followed by 30 minutes of networking coffee to help build connections and friendships among our participants and trainers.

So to give you a sneak peak on the topics we’ll be offering, they’ll contain (in alphabetical order):

  • Acing The Interview
  • Basics of a Start Up
  • Business Canvas Model Development
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Coordinating with Others & Team Work
  • Creating A Pitch Deck for Investors
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Design Thinking
  • Developing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Judging & Decision Making
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Networking with Partners & Clients
  • Online Job Hunting Tips & Techniques
  • People Management
  • Service Orientation & Volunteerism
  • Writing A Stellar CV


Interested? Check our upcoming schedule and apply here: Aie Skills Application

Do you lead/work at an organization (public, private or non-profit) and would like similar workshops to be given to your community on your premises? Drop us an email at

Nota Benne:

Applying Vs Registering: As seats are very limited, we put up the application form mentioned above, our team will do the necessary follow up to ensure you have a seat, so you will receive a confirmation if your seat was reserved ahead of time.

Training Cost: Training is practically for free of charge, a minimal fee of 10,000LL will be collected at the door just to cover printing, coffee breaks and other incidentals. We’re proud to be able to offer you all that knowledge practically free of charge as our trainers offer their time for free, our team work as pro-bono volunteers, and our host is offering their support in the facilities.

Aie Serve’s 3rd Training of Trainers (ToT) !!

What is the ToT??

The ToT is a comprehensive training, coaching and hands-on practical program where the participants undergo a 3 days ToT workshop, one-on-one coaching, and deliver practice sessions through Aie Serve. The 3 days ToT workshop will include sessions on presentation skills, adult learning principles, writing training objectives, atmosphere management, and more. Afterward the participants undergo the coaching and deliver their practice sessions. Ultimately, only those who succeed to pass through all the above mentioned phases get to become certified and join our team of professional trainers.

ToT Phases:
  • Phase 1: Call for Applicants (Nov 1 – Nov 15) Deadline to apply is on Nov 7 @ 12:00 noon
  • Phase 2: Filtering Applicants & Interviews (Nov 16 – Dec 1)
  • Phase 3: Selected Applicants Informed & Given Pre-Training Assignment (Dec 2 – Dec 10)
  • Phase 4: ToT Workshop (Dec 14 – Dec 16)
  • Phase 5: One on One Coaching Sessions (Jan 7 – Jan 20)
  • Phase 6: Practice Sessions & Additional Training ( Jan 15 – Feb 10)
  • Phase 7: Certifying Trainers & Closing Ceremony (Feb 11 – Feb 28) Date to be assigned

ToT Workshop Dates:  14th,15th and 16th of Dec, 2012.

(Mark Your Calendars!)

Time:  10: 00 am – 6:00 pm

Venue: AieServe Office, Tabbara Center, 4th Floor. This is a non-residential training
Target Group: All those interested to hone their Training skills and join Aie Serve’s team of trainers.

Applicant Qualification Criteria:

  • Represents Aie Serve’s Values
  • Dynamic
  • Professional
  • Bilingual
  • Youth (Aged 18-29)

Capacity: 12 applicants

Expenses: Free of Charge 

Application Form & Rules: Aie Serve ToT Application Form (Deadline to apply is on Nov 7 @ 12:00 noon).

September Blooms with Workshops and Training!

This week in Aie Serve was fully loaded and will be like this for the coming weeks.
So what exactly happened over there?

AUCE Aie Club CIM Training

On the 22nd of September, Fadi Darwish & Myriam Kharma successfully trained the cabinet members of the AUCE Aie club as well as the liaison. The training which is known as CIM or Club Initiation & Management training, aimed to help the cabinet members manage their Aie club, divide responsibilities according to roles, hold effective meetings, recruit members, manage the team and plan projects.
During the full training day, the team members brainstormed the projects they wish to implement during the academic year; and the outcome was 2 projects under community service, another pair under community development and a final 2 under community awareness.
At the end of that day, all AUCE Aie Club members left the Aie Serve office with an amazing plan just waiting for execution.

Aie Consult Fundraising Workshop

Moving on to the 23rd of september, the day that held the Aie Consult Fundraising workshop. This workshop was given
to 12 participants representing several NGOs by Aie Serve’s President Afif Tabsh. The objectives of the workshop were several yet some main objectives were: defining fundraising, briefing participants on fundraising basics & best practices,  explaining the 5 fundraising strategies & case studies, collaboratively drafting fundraising plans for each NGO.
And the better part is the result! The outcome was a remarkable fundraising plan for each and every participating NGO. This all was done in the presence of Aie Consult’s program coordinator Tareq Youness, Aie Clubs project coordinator Rami Zoueini, Maha Jaafar as a facilitator and Youssef Nassar as photographer.

Moving on to a series of events that took place over two separate days. These events were Aie Consult’s Fundraising Coaching (2 Afternoon Sessions), and the Coaching & Evaluation Sessions for Aie Power’s e4Waste Team.
Those two days, the 24th and 28th of September , were indeed a challenge to the Aie Serve’s team but that is the benefit of having such a great coordinated team. The team did work on managing the time and making sure that everything was delivered perfectly and completely.

And now moving backwards to the 26th and 29th of september, and specifically to the afternoon of these days and exactly at 6pm in the Crown Plaza Hotel, the Acheive (Get Your Career On) was hosted. As you know one of the Aie Power’s finalists was “Get Your Career On”, who delivered several sessions in Aie Serve’s offices for different participants about the best way to write CVs, prepare for interviews and start the career in the best possible way.
The team finished their two workshops at the Crown Plaza with many other workshops to come more success to achieve by “Achieve”.

Strategic Planning Workshop

And thats not all! Also on the 29th of September, the president of Aie Serve, Afif Tabsh, gave a Strategic Planning workshop. Through that workshop, Afif managed to cover several points which included the definition of Strategic planning, the types of it, how to draft the vision, mission & goals of an organization, how to evaluate programs, projects and team Performance, how to extract lessons learned, and the training also had a part for practicing SWOT and  PESTLE analysis. And no doubt that at the end of the workshop, each NGO now has a better understanding of strategic planning and the tools to use for it.

Last but not least, September ends on a Sunday, but that is no excuse for Aie Serve to rest. Afif Tabsh ended Aie Serve’s September with a Human Capital Management workshop. The workshop aimed to define Human Capital Management (HCM) and its importance in an organization, Differentiate between HCM and HR, elaborate the 5 stages of HCM and practice these stages.

Human Capital Management Workshop

The September workshops of Aie Serve ended but that only means that October’s Aie serve workshops are yet to come, so stay tuned.

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